Woodville Parish Council

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Parish Room

Clerk RFO: Andrea Robinson
Parish Rooms, High Street
Woodville, Swadlincote
Derbyshire DE11 7EA

Tel: 01283 551427

Cllr Malc Gee

Cllr Malc Gee


My name is Malc Gee. I have been on the parish council at Woodville for over 15 years and chair for the last 3 terms. I also attend Granville Sports College where I am a Governor. These roles enable me to make a significant contribution to the community, helping people resolve some of the many difficult problems that face us all in these challenging times.

Woodville is growing daily with the new housing that is evident today, we as a parish council are aware that we need to keep up to speed with development and put into place activities to keep pace.

Malc is a member of the following Committees
Cricket Ground
Memorial Gardens

3 Briar Close
01283 350421